VP selection timing points to Obama-Biden advantage over McCain-Palin

Auspicious time selection or Muhurta is an important branch of Vedic Astrology. Choice of right time with positive planetary influence for an event is essential for success. Vice-presidential candidates for Democratic and Republican have been selected. Obama announced selection of Biden on 23rd August at 3 AM by text message and McCain that of Palin at 12:27 PM on 29th August at Dayton, Ohio on his own birthday.

We examine the auspiciousness of these events for each campaign from the horoscopes of the defining moments. According to Vedic astrology, Gemini was the lagna or ascendant (both in Chicago and Washington) at the time of Biden selection. Jupiter in seventh aspecting Lagna, moon in eleventh and lagna lord Mercury in third house. Presence of Mercury in third signifies text messaging of announcement. All of these point to an auspicious selection.

Libra was the ascendant when McCain announced selection of Palin as vice-presidential candidate. The lagna lord is in 12th house. The eleventh house is aspected by Jupiter from 3rd and is occupied by the eleventh lord Sun in conjunction with Saturn, the 4th and 5th house lord. Moon is with Ketu in the 10th house. Presence of Saturn in 11th house with 11th lord curtails the chances of a successful venture. Appearance of hurricane Gustav leading to major changes in GOP convention program confirms this saturnine presence.

The timing of Vice-presidential selection points to an Obama-Biden advantage over McCain-Palin. The Vedic astrological charts of each of these candidates need to be further analyzed (Palin’s birth data is currently publicly unavailable) for a more clearer picture.

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