Rahu in Ninth house in Vedic Astrology

Rahu in Ninth house in Vedic Astrology can cause suffering during its dasa mahadasha of eighteen years. Ninth house is the strongest trine (compared to the Fifth house). It represents father. Therefore father of the native will pass through critical times during Rahu period. He may fall sick, face calamities, or may die. Father will be the target of suffering. The 5th and 9th houses are also called houses of luck and fortunes. The 9th is the house of general fortune (bhagya sthana), which includes father, mother, good wife, or good husband, other properties like good house, gardens, lands, domestic animals, livestock, and all that contribute to the general fortune of the family. The native will suffer losses and damage in respect of all these matters and will be deprived of happiness from these sources.

The 9th which represents general fortunes includes also progeny. ‘Therefore children may fall sick or die. Their conduct, behavior and fortunes will be substandard. The 9th is the opposite of the 3rd house, which Ketu will automatically occupy. Therefore the younger brothers and younger sisters of the native will pass through crises and face other misfortunes in their families. Some may die, some may become widows or widowers, etc. They may go in for unconventional marriages, or the like. Their married life will not be happy. Fortunes of their children also suffer.

The 9th house is the 3rd house from the 7th; therefore stands for wife’s younger sisters and brothers who may suffer adverse effects.

Reckoned from the 9tfi house, the 7th will be the 11th which stands for elder brothers and elder sisters of the father of the native. Therefore the 9th will be the 3rd to the 7th and hence stands for the younger brothers and younger sisters of the native’s father’s elder brother (younger paternal uncles or younger paternal aunts). Hence the families, their children, and all their family fortunes and progress will adversely suffer. Native’s paternal uncles or paternal aunts may become widows early in their life or die during the period of Rahu in 9th.

The 9th house represents the grand children of the native. Therefore their progress, conduct, behavior, prosperity and family happiness etc., will suffer. Rahu period operating when a native is advanced in age bring sorrows on account of grandchildren.

The 9th house in fact stands for all-round prosperity (Bhagya) of the native. Therefore Rahu occupying the 9th trine will deprive the native of real progress, prosperity and the fortunes of not only his own family, but also of his children and grand children. Thus two or three generations of the native will be unfortunate, and suffer. But if this Rahu is aspected by Jupiter, much of the evil will be averted and there will be gradual prosperity. If this is aspected by Mars or Saturn, the evils will be more severe in the form of prolonged disease, discomfort, suicides, sudden deaths etc. even in the succeeding generations.

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