Saturn in Virgo, Shani Sadesati and Sani Mantra in Vedic Astrology

Saturn (Shani, Sani) enters Virgo (Kanya) on September 9, 2009. The planetary longitudes at the time of entry is shown in the table here. Moon is in Aries (Mesha) Bharani nakshatra at this time. We have given the Moorthi (Murty) or paya (loha, sona, rajat, tambra) for each zodiac sign in Saturn (Shani) Virgo (Kanya) transit September 2009 Effect (The Lagna shown here corresponds to zero longitude Greenwich location). Effect of Saturn Entry on each zodiac sign and other informative articles are listed in our Virgo Saturn Transit Free E-book

Cancer (karkata) moon sign (Janma Rashi) is free of sadesati and Libra born Moon sign will begin experiencing Sade Sati. To know your moon sign free or for free Vedic Horoscope, please visit our member site

Vedic Astrology suggests many mantras to make our lives steady during these changing times. These mantras keep individuals connected with the universal spirit. Besides Mahamantras, one can recite with devotion

Shani mantra

“Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah”

Shani Sani mantra

“Om sham shanayisharaaye namah”

These mantras provide mental strength to face turbulent times in individual life. There are many remedies suggested, but it is essential to understand the significance and follow the ones which elevates the devotion of the individual. Please consult Decisioncare for appropriate remedies for you.

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