Bhogi Pongal Solar Eclipse Andhra Pradesh

Solar Eclipse falls on 15th January 2010  in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Sun transits Capricorn Makara and in Uttarayan. This year Sankranthi is celebrated for four days,  Bhogi, Sankranti, Kanuma and Mukkanuma in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Bhogi marks the beginning of Sankranti festival. Sacred bonfire is the main ritual during Bhogi. This ritual is called as ‘Bhogi Mantalu’  with Kite flying, Rangoli designs (Pookalam, kolam or muggulu), Gobbemma, Gangireddu and haridasu. Bogi festival is celebrated to rid the society of the bad and the evil. Bogi festival or Bhogi is the first day of Pongal celebrated in honor of Lord Indra.

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  • Surya Grahan Sparsha kaal – 11.29 AM
  • Surya Grahana Madhya kaal – 1.22 PM
  • Surya grahana moksha kaal – 3.15 PM
  • Surya grahanam adhyantha punya kaal – 3.46 PM

The solar eclipse articles are:

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