Solar Eclipse in Cancer New Moon 2009

Solar Eclipse Total (Surya Grahan) will take p;ace on New Moon (Amavasya) July 22nd 2009. The eclipse is expected to influence our lives significantly. The path of totality for this eclipse starts at sunrise on the west coast of India close to Surat, north of Mumbai. It crosses northern India and Bhutan and on into China which it crosses just north of latitude 30°. In eastern China the path includes Wuhan and, at the coast, Shanghai. The path then crosses the East China Sea and some small Japanese islands to the south of Kyushu, the southern most main island of Japan. After this the path heads to the southeast across the Pacific where it encounters a few islands and atolls including Iwo Jima and some of the Marshall Islands before ending at sunset in the Pacific between the Northern and Southern Cook Islands.

We have several articles on Solar Eclipse for our readers, predictions for each Zodiac sign (Rashi). Also are included articles on chandra grahan(Lunar eclipses) on Poornima (Full moon) during this month.

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