Solar Eclipse January 2010 Myanmar

The annular solar eclipse on 15th January 2010 will be seen in Myanmar. The eclipse begins Yangon local times begins 13:20 maximum 15:05 ends 16:31. Here is a list of articles on effect of the solar eclipse on zodiac signs.
The solar eclipse effect on moon sign and the various houses from moon sign must be analyzed for each individual. Find your moon sign and personal planetary transits on eclipse day for free at

The eclipse begins in westernmost Central African Republic at 05:14 UT (Universal Time GMT)

instant of greatest eclipse [1] occurs at 07:06:33 UT when the eclipse magnitude [2] will reach 0.9190

the Maldive Islands (07:26 UT)

between the southern tip of India and northern Sri Lanka (07:51 UT)
then Burma where the central line duration is 8 minutes 48 seconds

By 08:41 UT, the central line enters China.

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