Solar Eclipse Today January 2010

Solar Eclipse will be observed today in Uttarashadha nakshatra on Mauni Amvasya. it is an Annular Eclipse. The eclipse will begin from 11.59 am and continue till 3.14 pm in India. The ‘Sutak‘  will begin 12 hours before the occurrence of the solar eclipse.

In the Philippines, the event will be observed as a partial solar eclipse. 

Philippines local time

place – eclipse begins – maximum eclipse – eclipse ends

metro manila – 3:49PM – 4:53PM – 5:51PM
tuguegarao – 3:47PM – 4:55PM – 5:55PM
baguio – 3:46PM – 4:54PM – 5:54PM
gen. santos – 4:11PM – 4:49PM – 5:25PM
san fernando, pampanga – 3:47PM – 4:54PM – 5:52PM
cebu – 3:59PM – 4:52PM – 5:42PM

In Singapore, it will last from about 3.10pm to 5.30pm, with the best viewing time at about 4.25pm.

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