Sports Astrology: Free Winner Team Predictions

For our sports fan community, we begin a new column where the readers can check without cost ( free ) what the astrological calculations indicate about whether their favorite team is going to win or lose. We will start with four popular sports; Football or Soccer, American Football, Cricket and Baseball. We will be open to adding other sports in future if there is sufficient reader participation.

This branch of astrology is based on Vedic horary astrology. The predictions are based on the time at which the question is asked or the game is taking place. We will discuss the fundamentals and amazing potential of Indian horary astrology in a future blog.

The procedure for Team win/loss prediction inquiry is as follows. For each of the sports there is a web page link. The readers can ask their question about the outcome of a match ( in terms of win or loss only and one question at a time) as a comment on the web page corresponding to that game. We will reply to the comment no later than within twenty-four hours. Our predictions will be based strictly on astrological calculations. It will be free of cost, however, we will expect the reader to inform us in the comment section the final result of the match/game, once the match/game is over. This will help us maintain a score card on the accuracy of our predictions.

Please visit the the four web page links to find out the winning teams and enjoy sports betting ;

Soccer (Football):

NFL Football:

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