Sun Dosha

Sun (Surya in Vedic Astrology) may have dosha (dosh, dosham) called Surya dosha. This arises due to birth at the time of sankranti (Solar ingress or transit into a sign) or during an eclipse. The eclipse happens Sun is in conjunction with one of the lunar nodes (Rahu or Ketu) on a new moon or full moon day.

Sankranti birth  causes Surya dosha. Seven Sankranti doshas are Ghora, Dhwanshi, Mahodari, Manda, Mandakini, Mishra and Rakshashi. Sun being the significator health and vitality, Surya dosha causes poverty, loss of health and many troubles related to the profession.

Birth in a solar eclipse causes poverty and many hardships while that in a lunar eclipse causes physical ailments and all kinds of health problems. This should not be taken literally and must be judged in relation to other planetary positions. Decisioncare has many articles discussing the effect of eclipse in great details.

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