Sun Transit over Birth Planets

Sun Transit influences earthly activities daily. The Sun rules the ego. He is one of the three pivots of the horoscope. The ascendant is also derived from the position of the Sun. His position in your birth-chart tells you all about your personal confidence and how you go out achieving your goals and objectives in life. Starting from the first point of Aries, at the average velocity of one degree per day, the Sun takes a circuit of the Zodiac till what is called a solar year. His movements in the Zodiac relate to some one point or the other in your birth-chart. Beneficial aspects bring you increased popularity, enhanced social status, but through which particular channel, depends upon the area transit Sun is influencing in your natal chart. A good Sun-planet aspect brings you health, clarity of thought, heightened intelligence, successful completion of deals, enjoyable travel, modest gains, happy encounters, upswing in romantic marital joy, fulfillment of desires and the vanquishing of adversaries.

Transit Sun aspects Birth Moon

If the Sun crosses your natal Moon or any of the unfavorable houses from it, indistinctiveness and insufficient energy and power will be emphasized. Postpone all major deals and decisions. In favorable angles to the radical moon, the accent now is on help .from those in positions of authority and influence. This is the time when they will sympathize with you and you can put your case across better. Beware of emotional involvement and steer clear of all clandestine affairs. Pay extra attention to the health and welfare of dependents, especially parents. Depending upon the natal positions guard your own health against inflammation, sinusitis, fevers, infections. Be particularly careful not to eat outside or drink at wayside places.

Transit Sun aspects Birth Sun

The Sun crossing the natal Sun and favorable houses from him, brings you valuable contacts. You meet those who can not only push you up the success ladder but are also willing to do it. Physically you feel very fit and now is the time for you to embark on arduous adventures, trekking, hiking, mountaineering and even traveling. The time is also very propitious to start on a regimen of yoga, jogging, physical exercise and pranayama. With a little effort you can get the right people to help you stay healthy. The Sun in unfavorable house to your radical Sun makes you tend to slip up on vital details in legal, contractual or travel matters.

You feel drawn to the wrong type of people who can get you into troubled waters. Stay away from overly friendly strangers. Vitality and physical strength come down—so post-pone tiresome or long journeys. Now is also the time when you can get done with long pending chores in and around the home-base. For chronic heart- patients and those with weak-eyes, a check-up would be just timely.

Transit Sun aspects Birth MARS

Increased efficiency, dynamism and an infectious aggressiveness accompany the transit of the Sun on radical Mars and favorable houses from him. Ventures of an industrial, technical or gastronomic kind embarked upon now tend to be money-spinners. Matters relating to trains, mines, military and other armed forces come under favorable influences. At the domestic level, installation or buying of boilers, geysers, ovens, stoves, generators, kitchen appliances such as cutlery and crockery are favored and you get excellent bargains in these areas.

In unfavorable houses from the natal Mars, you will be accident-prone especially where metals are concerned. Inflammatory disease, domestic quarrels tend to flare-up. Emotional crosscurrents go haywire leading to much heartburn. Cut out all dates from your calendar unless absolutely necessary.  Stoicism helps.

Transit Sun aspects Birth MERCURY

If transit Sun is moving on your Mercury at birth or across favorable houses from him, take out your pen and paper and get all your writing done now. Your mental and intellectual faculties reach a new high. Tests/interviews/competitions of any kind attempted now are sure to bring you success. Now is also the time to explore the market for your creative abilities. The mail invariably brings you good news. Applications for scholarships and admissions to research and academic centers made now can give exhilarating results. Business trips and small plans work out in your favor.

The Sun transit across unfavorable houses from radical Mercury can be the harbinger of depressing news. Buying/selling deals can be disappointing with an element of deceit in them. Postpone all plans to buy TVs, stereos, computer packages to a more favorable period. The nervous system can signal red, especially if at birth Mercury is afflicted. Nasal catarrh can turn quite uncomfortable. Postpone seeking loans from banking and other mercantile bodies. Flawed communications can stall business decisions and activity.

Transit Sun aspects Birth Jupiter

When the Sun transits your radical Jupiter or any of the favorable houses from him, domestic peace reigns. People occupying important positions are receptive to your ideas. Now is also a fine period to seek financial help and moral support from influential quarters. Career takes an upswing. Health improves and mentally you will be very relaxed. It is a most opportune phase to enroll in philosophy classes or to begin spiritual practices and meditation. The mind is more pliable and you can train it into new habit to shake off vicious habit-tentacles. Children show improved performance in academic as well as extra-curricular activity.

When the Sun crosses any unfavorable house from natal Jupiter, difficulties in official and legal matters may surface. Financial stress is invariable, so plan your budget well before transit Sun closes in on your Jupiter. Diabetics may experience a flare- up of their malady. Diseases of the liver and due to incorrect and intemperate living habits may cause much unrest.

Transit Sun aspects Birth Venus

Amusement, parties, excursions, recreational and exciting social life tag the transit of the Sun on your Venus and in favorable houses from it. Single ones meet exciting companions. For those already in love, this is time an engagement. Marital homes sparkle with love and laughter and both of you enjoy aesthetic activities. Friends, acquaintances and group activities are highlighted. Your personal charm and magnetism draw you many attractive admirers.

If the Sun should transit unfavorable houses from natal Venus, extravagance, disappointment in affairs of the heart and marital problems are indicated. Plans to build your own house or to buy an apartment may have to be shelved. Or, they could come up against unexpected hitches. Builders and contractors you engage now can cheat you in the bargain. In any case, you may have to compromise on quality.

Transit Sun aspects Birth Saturn

When the Sun transits your Saturn and favorable houses from him, efforts made in the past begin to show results. Elderly people, especially a parental figure, can give you very sound counsel on marital or health problems. Labor problems get sorted out easily. Manufacturing units begun now can be very profitable. Research, in history, can bring you limelight and success.

When the Sun transits unfavorable houses from Saturn, you may expect a former ailment to recur. Guard against injuries to the bones, especially the spinal system. Your general outlook on life undergoes a negative transition; so keep the windows of your mind open reading good books and meeting positive minded people. Legal complications, problems in travel plans and unwise investments are likely. Steer clear of quick-money schemes and all underhand dealings. Reputation needs to be guarded carefully.

Transit Sun aspects Birth Rahu

When the Sun crosses radical Rahu or any of the unfavorable houses from him, calumny, ruining one’s good name, financial loss through unwise dealings, a strange repugnance for work, listlessness, a feeling of general dissatisfaction and tendency to lie far too easily will occur.

Where the Sun moves across favorable signs from Rahu, it will make itself particularly conspicuous in the spirit and mind, through good inspired thinking and improved intellectual abilities. It gives you the power to develop original, innovative ideas in your particular field of activity.

Transit Sun aspects Birth Ketu

If the Sun crosses natal Ketu or any of the unfavorable houses from him, surprising and exciting developments occur in different departments of your life depending upon where Ketu is placed in the birth-chart. There will be quick decisions and abrupt changes. A financial windfall may take you by surprise. A change in the line of treatment can bring remarkable improvement in health. If the Sun moves over unfavorable angles from radical Ketu, sudden illness, danger by accidents, insect-bites, food-poisoning, hasty decisions that could be regretted later on and unexpected changes in the family residence or milieu could occur in your life. A long-trusted friend may betray you.

These results are greatly modified by the houses and signs occupied by the planets at birth as well as the rising sign and the running Dasas and Bhuktis. But they do provide us with broad- guidelines to regulate our activity to ensure maximum success and easy and smooth-sailing all-round.

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