Foreign Travel and Residency in Vedic Astrology

Some of us never travel far from the birthplace, some live and die in the house they are born, while others make one or several trips abroad, some live there for many years and others take foreign citizenship and die there. Vedic astrology provides many planetary combinations to judge foreign travel and residency from individual horoscope.

In January 2007, Beckham, the English football player, signed a five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy and moved to USA. In 1974, Solzhenitsyn,the nobel prize winner, was deported from the Soviet Union to Frankfurt, Germany and stripped of his Soviet citizenship. He then moved to USA and lived there till 1994 before returning back to Russia as a Russian citizen. Sun Yat Sen, the father of modern china, went to live with his elder brother in Hawaii and became a citizen of the United States. He then returned to china before transforming into a revolutionary and became unique as one of few chinese politicians widely revered in both China and Taiwan. Foreign travel, immigration and overseas residency is common in the lives of many eminent persons.

The ninth house and its significators indicate foreign travel, be it for business or pleasure whereas the seventh and twelfth house related indicators point to overseas residency. The third house relates to short journeys. There are many planetary combinations stated in ancient Indian astrological texts which help us analyze the cause and duration of foreign travel. The timing of foreign travel and residency is judged from dasa, mahadasa and transit calculations based on individual horoscope.

In this period of intense outsourcing and globalization, Vedic astrology can clearly point to the direction and the continent of our place of residence and life activities.

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