Death & its Causes in Vedic Astrology

Princess Diana died in a car crash. Saddam Hussein and Bhutto were hanged. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Indira Gandhi and John F Kennedy, all were assassinated by gunshot. Tragic accidents like the Madrid plane crash in Spain yesterday take away many lives (more than 150) at the same time. Some die even from zoo animal attack. Then there is death by disease, heart attack, cancer, fire, drowning, drug overdose and numerous other reasons.

Eighth house in a horoscope is the house of death in Vedic astrology. The Rasi and the Lord of eighth house, planets occupying and aspecting this house, all of them, contribute to the way a person meets his death. The dasa mahadsa of the significator planet points to the timing of death in Indian astrology. The place and mode of death can be analyzed by using Vedic Astrology, whether a person is celebrity or not.

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