Social Networking and Astrology

Social networking , simply defined, is the grouping of individuals into specific groups. This forms an active field of research in sociology, anthropology, communication studies, economics, information technology, biology and many other social sciences. With the introduction of online social networking , almost all of us are involved in it someway or the other. Does this grouping happen by itself or are there reasons behind it?

Vedic astrology, the astrology of soul, provides a compelling reason behind why social networking forms. From love match to business partnership, close friends to bitter enemies, people who are our mentors to those who are malefactors, all can be analyzed from the horoscope. Depending on our mutual dasa and planetary transits, we come in contact with each other and separate. We become close friends, share interests and at times become enemies. An in depth analysis of the horoscopes of individuals reveals the amazing dynamics of social networking . Individuals should analyze their own horoscopes and PAL scores to have a better understanding of themselves and their friends.

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