2009 Calendar

2009 Calendar as an Astrological Calendar will be soon in use. This is the solar calendar of 365 days beginning January 1st, 2009, decided by Sun Transit only. However, there is the planetary calendar considering transits of all nine planets (navagraha) which times the events underlying all human activities. Then, there is the most important calendar, 2009 Astrology Calendar uniquely for you. Your personal 2009 Calendar is unique and applies to you only. This astrology calendar is decided by all planetary transits, Saturn Transit, Jupiter transit, Mars Transit, Rahu transit, Ketu transit, Venus Transit, Mercury Transit, Sun Transit and Moon Transit in aspect to your Vedic horoscope positions of all the planets and ascendant. This is the 2009 Calendar that times your unique life activities in conjunction with your Vimshottari dasha/mahadasha subdivisions running during this year. Vimshottari dasha fine periods are decided by your janma nakshatra only.

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