Kyrgyzstan Unrest Astrology

Kyrgyzstan is under siege. President Bakiyev is reported to have  flown out of the capital, Bishkek. Mr Bakiyev came to power amid a wave of street protests in 2005 known as the Tulip Revolution. Roza Otunbayeva is heading an interim government of Kyrgyzstan. Vedic Astrology shows the planetary forces behind.

Kyrgyzstan declared independence from the Soviet Union on 31 August 1991. The chart for the day is shown herimagee. Note  Rahu in Sagittarius 23 degrees, Ketu in Gemini 23 degrees. Saturn and Mars trine to each other in Capricorn and Virgo (5-7) degrees respectively. On the day of unrest, the transiting malefics are in conjunction with natal ones. Transit RahuKetu axis in conjunction with natal RahuKetu axis, transiting saturn is in conjunct with   natal Mars   and in trine with natal saturn.

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