Philippines Election Astrology

Philippines presidential election is scheduled for May 10, 2010. Current President Arroyo is ineligible for a consecutive term in office.  DecisionCare will provide Astrological guidance to Philippines Presidential Candidates and Voters based on Vedic astrology to make the right choice. Please feel free to provide the birth details of the candidates and other major events so that we can give accurate guidance in our future articles.

Here is the most recent Polling Data for the question:

Among the names found in this list, who will you probably vote for as President of the Philippines, if elections were held today?

The percentage in favor for each candidate are shown for each of the month.

Prsidential Candidate  ( Feb. 2010)      (Jan. 2010)

Benigno Aquino III 36%                  42%

Manuel Villar 34%                  35%

Joseph Estrada 15%                  13%

Gilberto Teodoro 6%                    4%

Eddie Villanueva 3%                    2%

Richard Gordon 2%                    2%

Vetellano Acosta 0.4%                 0.3%

Nicanor Perlas 0.2%                 0.1%

John Carlos de los Reyes 0.1%                 0.2%

Jamby Madrigal 0.1%                0.4%

Undecided / Other                       4%                     2%

Source: Social Weather Stations / Business World

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