Therapeutic Astrology

Therapeutic Astrology is one that explores the horoscope’s planetary positions and their impact on individual life through dialogue, not a monologue of psychic predictions. The birth chart or horoscope provides an unique insight and understanding of the inner world and subjective experiences of a person. It offers the most individualized life script available. By engaging in dialogue with the individual about the central themes of his/her chart, he/she can be guided effectively to realize the his/her strengths and weaknesses, his/her opportunities and limitations in life.

Horoscope interpretation involves so much of multiplicity of meaning behind planetary positions that the astrologer can guide the individual to “shape the meaning all planetary placements and transits”. The birth chart must be analyzed in a process-oriented, interactive manner, jointly constructing meaning with the individual rather than making pronouncements about the chart.

For a person who is running Saturn mahadasha, in stead of throwing scary phrases about Saturn at him, it is essential to explain the process of life, the reality behind the glamour of life, the spiritual uplift that Saturn imparts, the limitations that an individual faces due to limitations imposed on by his horoscope. This is perhaps the best opportunity for the individual by God’s grace to understand the meaning of this ephemeral life. Another example will be the case of a person who has transiting Saturn entering the 2nd house. A traditional predictive astrologer might state that this was a sign of impending financial difficulties. But an alternative interpretation, and a more responsible one, is that this transit heralds a necessary process of maturation that challenges the individual to stabilize her financial situation through concentrated effort. Dialogue elicits specific information about the client’s financial situation that clarifies how well he/she is adapting to the developmental challenges, pressures, and opportunities of Saturn. To the extent that difficulties in this area are identified, practical suggestions can be offered. Practiced in the form of dialog, astrology becomes not a fortune-telling method but a discipline fully compatible with philosophy, spiritualism, religion, psychology and rational humanism – a discipline that can help modern men and women better their lives, make decisions, choices about careers, and understand their emotions, their past traumas, and their relationships.

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