Horoscope of a Business Corporation – Indian Astrology

A corporation or a business organization is treated as an individual in Indian astrology. Just as twelve houses of a horoscope are used to forecast various aspects of human life, the same approach is applied for corporations in Vedic astrology.

Based on our extensive experience, we outline broadly the various daily management aspects of a corporation that can be analyzed from the twelve houses of the corporation horoscope. The lagna represents the corporation, its owner or the stockholders. From this first house the nature of the enterprise and its leadership can be judged. The company resources and finances can be analyzed by the second house. The third house represents advertising, its neighboring environment and correspondence and public relations. Real estate, vehicles and other similar assets can be judged from the fourth house. The fifth house represents the speculative investments of the company in addition to educational activities. The employees and their abilitie, labor unions and legal issues are decided by the sixth house. Merger and acquisitions, partnerships and public image is decided by the seventh house. The eighth house decides bankruptcy, treasurer, bad reputation and demise. The ninth house is used to predict inventions and patents, long range planning, mission and vision of the corporation. The top management as well as the coporation’s leadership in its field of expertise is analyzed by the tenth house. The eleventh house determines the revenue, business friends while the twelfth house indicates the secret enmical activities and investments abroad.

Our experience at Decisioncare show that a detailed analysis of the horoscope of a corporation using Indian astrology with transits and dasa/mahadasa minimizes risks in decision taking. We believe that all corporations should regularly utilize vedic astrology based analysis as part of their management decision making.

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