Steve Jobs, Obituary and Astrology

An obituary for CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, was mistakenly published on Thursday, Aug. 28th, 2008 by Bloomberg News at 4:27 PM New York time. While it is good news that the genius of Cupertino continue to be with us, the timing of the announcement gives us a clue to examine his health question.

Jobs underwent surgery in 2004 for pancreatic cancer and seemed to have fully recovered. The news of surgery was disclosed to the public much later. He underwent a surgical procedure earlier this year leading possibly to weight loss. The obituary announcement came when Sagittarius was the rising ascendant according to Vedic Astrology. Moon, the eighth lord, was with Ketu in the eighth house indicating the obituary to be false. However, the presence of retrograde Jupiter in the ascendant in its own sign makes us feel concerned about his well-being. Without access to his horoscope, based on his publicly available birth date of 24th February 1955 , we believe the coming few months will be very crucial to the health of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

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