Google Chrome destined win over Microsoft IE

Muhurta (auspicious time) selection is important for success in any venture. Google Inc. chose an excellent moment today to release Chrome, its own web browser at 02:10:00 PM on 1st September 2008. According to Vedic Astrology this long-anticipated move, aimed at countering the dominance of Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer, will soon achieve its goal of being the leading browser.

At the release time of Chrome, Scorpio is the ascendant (lagna) in the Muhurta horoscope according to Vedic astrology . The lagna lord, Mars is in eleventh house with the lord of eleventh, Mercury, the lord of ninth, Moon and the lord of seventh, Venus. Eleventh house is the house of wish fulfillment and this planetary combination promises all of that. Jupiter in the second house and sun, as tenth lord in the tenth house with Saturn, the fourth lord, is another excellent combination for success. Rahu in the third house is very strong and the sixth lord Mars in the eleventh house promises ultimate win over all competitors.

This Chrome release time horoscope (with the planetary positions in the sky) is one of the best in Muhurta, the astrology of selection. Such a choice of excellent Muhurta with Chrome release time may be coincidental, but it makes us strongly believe that Google may not have hesitated to utilize the valuable knowledge available in Vedic Astrology in decision making.

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