Lessons for Microsoft from Botched Yahoo Deal

Muhurta (auspicious time) selection is important for success in any venture. If an undertaking is attempted in an inauspicious moment, it results in disappointment and loss, according to Vedic Astrology. Early morning on 1st February, 2008 , Microsoft Corp. proposed acquisition of Yahoo Inc. at a substantial premium to its previous day stock close price. The deal however never closed; it went through ups and downs, finally to be withdrawn by Microsoft. Yahoo resisted only to languish; its stock is at 52 week low price. Could we have predicted the fate of this deal in accordance with Indian Astrology?

The deal was announced at least before 4:00 AM PST, Redmond, Washington time on that date. Since we don’t have exact time at which the deal was announced, we examine the auspiciousness for the time range between midnight to 4:00 AM PST. During this period the sidereal ascendants were Libra from midnight till 2:16 Am and then Scorpio until 4:50 AM. For Libra ascendant (lagna), Saturn or Shani was with Ketu in the eleventh house, the house of wish fulfillment. So if the deal announcement time fell between midnight and 2:16 AM, Saturn certainly was the spoiler. For Scorpio ascendant horoscope, Mars or Mangala, the ascendant lord, was in 8th house in Gemini – a planetary position always to be avoided for success in any venture by basic Muhurta selection principles in Vedic astrology. So to a Vedic astrologer the failure of such a major move by mighty Microsoft doesn’t come as a surprise.

Had the announcement of acquisition proposal come between 4:50 AM and 6:28 AM, it would have been a great success. The ascendant (lagna) was Sagittarius with lagna lord Jupiter in ascendant with eleventh lord, Venus, one of the best combination for success according to Indian Astrology. A consultation with a Vedic Astrologer would have avoided a major misventure for Microsoft.

This incident illustrates the importance of selection of auspicious time or Muhurta for success in any new venture. It seems in this regard Microsoft lags Google which recently exhibited prudence in selecting an excellent Muhurta for release timing of Chrome to meet success.

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