Venture Capital Decisions and Astrology

Venture capital investor has to make a decision to invest in a high risk venture, with typically significant negative cash flows and a high risk long term return. Venture capital groups base their investment decisions on a large number of selection criteria: experience of the entrepreneur and of the senior executive team, type of products, market potential, nature of the assets (tangible or not), adaptation of criteria depending on the stage of development of the financed project, etc.. There have been attempts to develop knowledge-based evaluation and modeling of failure risk, but the results are far from satisfactory. Principles of Vedic astrology and its unique timing methods can reduce investment uncertainties when combined with the currently prevalent quantitative knowledge-based approaches.

We at DecisionCare aim to take the “risk” out of venture capital investment decisions as much as possible for all investors at an affordable cost. Our approach will be to combine Vedic astrological principles with principles of venture capital risk evaluation methods. Our team members are unique in possessing dual expertise of having direct experience of venture capital financing as well as Vedic astrology.

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