Venture Capital Decisions – Astrology Portfolio: Part-I

In our last blog, we discussed the importance and advantage of combining Vedic astrology principles with quantitative knowledge-based approaches for venture capital decision making. Here we outline as first part of a series of upcoming blogs, the steps that the VC group must take to achieve this goal. We recommend that all venture capital application submission should require submission of an astrological portfolio along with other required documents for evaluation.

Today we discuss about the necessity of the horoscopes of the enterprenuer and the senior executive team as part of the required astrological portfolio.

The success of any venture depends on the qualifications, future and luck of the key personnel. These are the people who benefit the most by the success of the venture and the venture is successful only because of them.

  • It is essential that a portfolio of astrological horoscopes of the senior management must be required with every venture capital funding application.
  • These horoscopes of the senior personnel must be carefully evaluated by Vedic astrology principles for desirable personal qualities like executive abilities, self-confidence, high energy-levels, long-term involvement, high level problem solving skills, goal-orientation, ability to learn from failure, personal responsibility, and the desire to make money etc..
  • In addition, the planetary dasa periods of the key personnel must be examined to make sure that they are running periods of financial prosperity, achievement and success.

This must be a minimum requirement for venture capital application. We will discuss other important requirements of astrological portfolio in our upcoming blogs.

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