Shanghai, China and Solar Eclipse 2009 Astrology

The Total Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 will be visible in China along a narrow corridor passing over Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou and others as shown in the picture below. Shanghai will experience a Total Solar Eclipse after 434 years  (during Ming dynasty) and will be one of the best places in the country to see it. The next Total Solar Eclipse in Shanghai will be in June 2309.


The current eclipse will influence China significantly as per Vedic Astrology. The Vedic Horoscope of People’s Republic of China dated October 1st 1949 is shown here.

The planetary positions at the time of July eclipses are given in our blog Astrology July 2009 Eclipse. The eclipse points for the lunar eclipse are 21 degrees Sagittarius Moon and 21 degrees Gemini Sun. The solar eclipse point is five degree Cancer.The planetary positions for the August 6th eclipses are given in earlier blog on Indonesia Elections, Megawati and 2009 Eclipse Astrology. The eclipse point in August 6th eclipse is nineteen degrees capricorn moon and nineteen degrees cancer Sun. Eclipse point are energy junctions and the planets in a horoscope in conjunction with or aspecting the eclipse point are eclipse significators.

The eclipse point of the solar eclipse which is five degree cancer falls within a orb of three-four degrees in opposition to natal Moon of China as well as the Ascendant. Moon is seventh lord located in Ascendant representing partners in business (perhaps representing USA, the main one). Ascendant represents China itself. This eclipse point opposition implies beginning of significant changes in relationship with USA as well as China’s internal policies.

The subsequent conjunction of eclipse point of Lunar Eclipse of August 6th with Natal Mars of China is not very welcome. It implies possible involvement in violent or military  activity perhaps for territorial issues. The possible time period may be within next few months most likely by October 2009 when Mars transits over this sensitive eclipse point.

Path of China Solar Eclipse 2009

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