Palin Resignation and 2009 July August Eclipses

Alaska Governor Palin announced  yesterday that she will step down by the end of July. This announcement stunned the political establishments nationwide. This sudden decision has fueled speculations about different possible reasons. We analyze here the astrological reasons.

In our earlier blog before the 2008 presidential elections, we discussed Vedic Horoscope of Governor Palin (See Palin Astrology). There are four planets Mercury, Moon, Sun and Mars in Capricorn in her horoscope. Her natal Rahu-Ketu axis is along Gemini-Sagittarius.  She is running  Mahadasha of Jupiter which has bestowed so much favor on her. Then why this sudden decision of resignation?   The triple eclipses of July-August 2009 provide the clue.

The planetary positions at the time of July eclipses are given in our blog Astrology July 2009 Eclipse. The eclipse points for the lunar eclipse are 21 degrees Sagittarius Moon and 21 degrees Gemini Sun. The solar eclipse point is five degree Cancer.The planetary positions for the August 6th eclipses are given in earlier blog on Indonesia Elections, Megawati and 2009 Eclipse Astrology. The eclipse point in August 6th eclipse is nineteen degrees capricorn moon and nineteen degrees cancer Sun.

Eclipse point are energy junctions and the planets in a horoscope in conjunction with or aspecting the eclipse point are eclipse significators. The eclipse point of Lunar eclipse of July 7th 2009 is within four degree of Palin’s natal Rahu-Ketu (lunar nodes) axis. That perhaps explains the timing of this announcement, Rahu representing suddenness in Vedic Astrology. The significant conjunctions lie ahead. Natal Moon and Mercury are within two degree orb of the position of the eclipse point of the Total Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009. These are significant transits and will unleash a series of events in her personal and professional life especially in coming months of August-October 2009. We suggest Governor Palin to be cognizant of these celestial events in her personal life and decisions.

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