Triple Eclipse in 2009

The coming Lunar Solar Eclipses in July 2009-August 2009 form a set of Triple Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse of (Chandra Grahan) July 7, 2009 is followed by a solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) on July 22, 2009 and another lunar eclipse on August 6, 2009. The triple eclipce that begins in July 2009 is followed by six sets of such triple eclipses that will continue till 2020. What does it signify?

The first half of the 20th century saw the occurrence of a series of triple eclipse between 1910 and 1945, which coincided with the World Wars I and II, the holocaust and the nuclear bombings in Japan. The first recorded triple eclipse in 3067 BCE (Before the Common Era) coincided with the Mahabharata war in India. Another triple eclipse in 3031 BCE coincided with the destruction of the ancient city of Dwarka in India.

While such isolated coincidences may be alarming, we must not forget the importance of position of other planets  at the time of eclipse. In addition, since Rahu Ketu (Lunar nodes) stay in one sign for a period of about one and half year, occurrence of triple eclipses is not uncommon.

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