Medical Astrology Research and Mesothelioma

Medical astrology research in Mesothelioma will elucidate the connection between astrology and susceptibility to Mesothelioma by environmental conditions and its timing in the victim’s life analyzed by dasha/mahadasha. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is almost always caused by previous exposure to asbestos. In this disease, malignant cells develop in the mesothelium, a protective lining that covers most of the body’s internal organs. The most common site of occurence is the pleura (outer lining of the lungs and chest cavity). In addition, it may also occur in the peritoneum (the lining of the abdominal cavity) or the pericardium (a sac that surrounds the heart). Mesothelioma patients have often inhaled asbestos particles or have been exposed to asbestos dust and fibers at work or otherwise.As part of our broader initiative on medical astrology research, we are initiating a program to explore the link between astrology and occurence of Mesothelioma so that Personalized medicine can be tailored for individual needs. We welcome the community to participate in this project to make it a success. The community participation can be at various levels as outlined here:

  • Provide the birth data, time and place information of Mesothelioma patients via our contact form . Accuracy of data is very important. Please provide a work history, work conditions and time of diagnosis. Please also provide any pertinent timing information about availability of health insurance and legal help.
  • Participate in the project by providing technical expertise (from medicine, bioinformatics,bioenginnering to astrology or any other constructive advice).
We must use astrology, environmental conditions and genetics in deciding about disease handling by individuals trained in these branches of science. We welcome and encourage participation in this new project by all our readers. Please feel to contact us if you have any comments or need clarifications about this initiative.

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