Surgery Timing Astrology

Surgery timing selection is essential for avoiding surgery complications, be it plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, laser surgery, knee surgery, breast surgery, cataract surgery, hernia surgery, brain surgery or heart surgery. All surgery, any major or minor risk surgery, make the surgery patient anxious. A patient prefers minimum recovery surgery timing and surgery aftercare. Vedic astrology provides principles of surgery timing selection to achieve success with minimum surgery risk.

The Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and the Ascendant ruler are indicators of the physical body and mind in a birth chart (horoscope) . If possible, never undergo surgery, except in an emergency, when all four points are severely afflicted by Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. Often, if somebody needs surgery, at least one of these points will be afflicted, symbolizing the fact that they have a physical problem. For surgery timing selection, avoid the dates when these malefics conjunct or aspect these four sensitive points. For quick surgery recovery, the ruler of the 6th house, or any planets therein, should not be afflicted. In addition, check out the dasha/ mahadasha sub sub periods to locate a good time, if such an option for choosing a surgery date is allowed. Also analyze the chart of surgery time to avoid undesirable muhurta and lagna.

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