Psychic and Astrology

Psychic refers to the ability to perceive things hidden from the normal senses and to those people who have Psychic Powers (Psychics). It is also known as extra-sensory perception (ESP), telepathy, clairvoyance. Psychic powers should not be confused with Astrology.

Astrology involves predicting the future based on the horoscope of an event, constructed from the planetary poistions in the different zodiac signs in the sky at that moment at the place of occurence. Astrology can be learned in colleges and universities and is a subject based on principles like biology or physics. Unlike Psychic readings, astrologers can explain the rationality behind their conclusions or astrological predictions. It is unfortunate that online psychic services and online astrology services are often confused. Parapsychology and Vedic Astrology do not share any common grounds.

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