5 Astrological Predictions Reliability Essentials

Astrological Predictions are sought by millions. Daily Forecast, Monthly Forecast, Yearly Forecast, Sun Sign Forecast, Moon Sign Forecast, Nakshatra Forecast, Zodiac Sign Compatibility, Nakshatra Compatibility and many other types of forecast tables and columns appear in websites and newspapers everyday and are read by millions seeking reliable astrological predictions for their lives. These forecast hardly happen in real life and erode the faith of many in astrology. Here we suggest 5 ways to approach reliable astrology predictions.

1. Avoid Birth date based Sun Sign Astrology. It is a quick fix astrlogical prediction method popularized by newspapers earlier and now a large number of websites. You pick your sun sign based on the date and month of birth (zodiac sign is different in Tropical than that from Sidereal astrology). You then read the astrology forecast (daily, monthly or yearly) based on this sign. Mostly this is free on all websites to encourage visitors. These forecast are however meaningless. This approach has twelve stereotype predictions for all humans and avoids diversity. This is a disservice to astrology admirers and users.

2. Know each individual has unique astrological predictions. Every individual is unique and his destiny can only be judged accurately from his horoscope based on his unique birth date, time and place of birth. Have your birth time, date and place, and get your horoscope cast by a qualified astrologer. All astrological predictions must be based on your unique horoscope. Record the timing of life events for horoscope rectification to establish the validity of the horoscope by the astrologer.

3. Know that accuracy of timing of event (in this case birth time, date and place) decides the accuracy of astrological predictions. Since all horoscope calculations are based on the birth time, date and place information, astrological predictions can be accurate and reliable only if this information is recorded correctly. If there is any doubt or as a check, always get your horoscope rectified by giving the astrologer your important life events and their dates. This way the astrologer can give you an accurate evaluation report of the future. The more data on past events you provide, the better and reliable the predictions will be.

4. Try to develop some understanding of the mahadasha/transit time periods. Vedic astrology has unique mahadasha system of timing which combined with transits leads to accurate timing of life event predictions. The astrologer will give you the dasha timing for a period of about 100-120 years. Learn to read the time transitions. This is a calendar of your life. You will observe significant changes near those dates. Any effort spent in this direction will yield great results. Ask your astrologer to explain.

5. Never seek Compatibility on birth date based Sun Sign Astrology. Compatability between two persons must be based on their full personality, goals, aspirations and life paths. Take the effort to get the hororscopes of both persons, love matches or soul mates. Get it analyzed comprehensively and look for compatibility. Compatibility for partnership, marriage or otherwise, can be predicted only by Janma Nakshatra (Constellation), Janma Rasi (natal moon), Kutas and consideration of both horoscopes in Vedic Astrology. These issues are discussed in great length in blogs on 5 marriage compatibility essentials, and marriage compatibility. Vedic astrology provides amazingly accurate compatibility between two persons.

With these 5 Essentials, you will begin to enjoy and test the truth of Vedic astrology in your own lives and experience its impact as others have done successfully.

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