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Astrological Instant Decision, is Free Horary Answer at Big Astrology,  to reduce the everyday stress of decision making  for everyone based on Vedic astrology.

What is Astrological Instant Decision (AID)

The fact that a question arises in our mind and we seek answer at a particular time can provide revealing details about the answers to that question. The time at which we ask the question is the “birth time” of the query and the location at which it is asked is the birth place. Vedic Astrology can answer the future happenings concerning the query based on this time. Examples are;

1. This person is missing. When will he return?

2. Who is the culprit? Any clues?

3. What happens if I relocate?

4. Am I losing the job?

5. Am I going to marry this person?

6. Will I win this legal case?

7. Should I buy this house?

8. Will this team win?

And the list goes on. We have implemented AID, an automated astrological horoscope tool for our members so that they can find answers to their questions here instantly. The answer is based on the planetary conditions and the rising sign at the current location that they list in their member profile (city, state and country), the time of question and Vedic Horary Astrology.

Rules for Formulating AID Questions

A question must be formulated properly for meaningful answer. The rules are:

1. Ask a clear truthful question. A simple, honest and straightforward question gives a clear answer. Convoluted, ambiguous, complex or “If then” questions should not be asked.

2. A nervous/anxious state of mind does not illicit a meaningful answer. Keep clear mind and meditate on the question for a minute or two before asking the question.

3. Only well-formulated question should be asked one question at one time. If you have other questions, come back next day at Decisioncare Services.

4. Ask Question in the Positive Attitude in the correct manner.

Example: “Should I appear for this interview?” is in correct manner whereas “Should I not appear for this interview and do business?” is not in correct manner.

5. Do not repeat the same question at least till the next new/full moon.

6. If the mind is set in getting only a certain answer, do not ask the question. A fixed mind set makes one prejudiced and will not benefit from the answers.

7. The question should not be towards creating harm to anyone or for illegal, anti-social, anti-human activities. Questions should be asked by only above sixteen years of age.

If you need clarifications/help/advice  Decisioncare Astrological Services..

Instructions for using Astrological Instant Decision (AID)

1. Formulate your question.

2. Meditate for half a minute on forces of nature that sustain this universe and (the Creator if you a believer)

3. Click on Decisioncare Astrological Services.

Answer to your question is arrived at by carrying out the following Calculations.

  1. Positions of the nine planets in the sky  at this moment.
  2. The zodiac sign rising at the eastern horizon at this moment at  your current location (taken from your Profile for computation).

The relationship between these planets and their placement with respect to the rising sign and mutual aspect when analyzed in details can provide an accurate answer to your question.

AID (Astrological Instant Decision) is an automated astrological horoscope tool for our members so that they can find answers to their questions  instantly and is free. The answer accounts for most important interaction between the planetary positions and thus provides simple but immediate truly astrological response. This is of great benefit for our members. If members seek more detailed response, please contact  Decisioncare Services.

The present version of this tool, AID, provides an immediate answer to your question at three levels:

· Not likely, No (negative),

· Maybe

· Highly Likely, Yes (Positive).

If more detailed analysis and complexities need to be addressed, please visit Decisioncare Services.

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