Know Your Enemy

Enemy ruins peace.  It is essential to know your enemy. As it gives more certainty in life. Sixth house, the sixth lord and  planets posited in sixth house  in a horoscope reveal all about the enemy. The third and eleventh house also play a role in determination of enemy. Here we analyze how to know your enemy from sixth house  zodiac sign and the planets therein by Vedic Astrology.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac in Astrology possess different characteristics. Therefore the nature and type of the enemy can also be judged from the 6th house itself.

When Sixth house Zodiac sign is

  1. Aries (Mesha), we get excited easily and becomes harsh in words and so we create an enemy.
  2. Taurus (Vrishabha), relationship with many women may create enmity from them.
  3. Gemini (Mithuna),  trying to find fault with others may create enemy.
  4. Cancer (Karkata), we may get enemy in our own house. Our authority also becomes hostile to us.
  5. Leo (Simha), our son may become an enemy. We may take much interest to covet others’ property and thus create enemy. Beautiful ladies may become our enemies in future due to their attractive personality.
  6. Virgo ( Kanya), we may face enmity from boys and women.
  7. Libra ( Thula), financial transaction may cause enemy.
  8. Scorpio ( Vrischika ), wemay  have our enemy in our society and amongst anti-social people. We may also be  troubled by beasts and poisonous insects.
  9. Sagittarius ( Dhanu ), we get trouble from technical workers, drivers and also knowledgeable people. We may get  trouble from conveyance and in sports. We may become easy prey to cheaters.  Friends may turn into  enemies.
  10. Capricorn ( Makara ), we may have enemy from rich men and on financial transactions. We may also be troubled by low paid workers.
  11. Aquarius  (Kumbha), we may make  enemies through disputes on landed property, water works, etc.
  12. Pisces ( Meena), we may make  enmity because of our relationship with people engaged in unhealthy living habits.

The planets in the 6th house can also speak about the nature of enmity we face. The Sun in the 6th house does not keep good relation with relatives. But the Sun gives much courage to destroy enemy. A strong Sun also gives us the blessing of the authority. The Moon in the 6th house gives courage and creates are enemy. But the enemy is defeated every time. The weak Moon gives the same result. Mars in the 6th house bestows much valor and our enemy, if any, does not come face to face. Our enemy is destroyed by our friends. Mercury in the 6th creates our enemy by our utterance. This native cannot tolerate any illegal matter, which creates his enemy. But the enemy is destroyed in the long run. Strong Mercury is very good. Jupiter in the 6th house gives honor and prestige. Enemy, if any, is destroyed with small effort. Saturn in the 6th house gives much courage and energy. Enemy or thief cannot do any harm. Weak Venus in the 6th house gives weak sex. Hence women become our enemies. Strong Venus is very good. Strong Venus always keeps the opposite party weak. Strong Rahu in the 6th house keeps us free from disease and enemy. Ketu in the same place gives secret enemy.

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