Saturn Libra Transit Tropical not Vedic Astrology

Saturn transits to Libra from Virgo on 29th October 2009. This is  Tropical Saturn without correction for Ayanamsa and is used in western horoscopes. In Vedic Astrology, planetary longitudes are sidereal, correcting for earth precession. One must use one approach consistently, Western or Vedic, for interpretation of horoscope and must not mix two approaches.
To know the difference, read Vedic Horoscope . Sidereal saturn transit to Virgo from Leo took place earlier this year in September 9, 2009. Here are our articles on its effect on each zodiac sign and other Saturn related articles.If you  wish to find your moon sign please visit our members site

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  24. Saturn (Shani, Sani) in Virgo (Kanya) on 9 September 2009 (09-09-09)

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