Venus Astrology

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. The first sign, Taurus, is an Earth and Feminine sign. The second sign, Libra, is an Air sign and a sign of equality. Venus is feminine and represents elegance, grace, sweetness, delicacy, beauty and cultured behavior. In Indian Vedic astrology, Venus is known as Shukra, meaning “clear, pure” or “brightness, clearness” in Sanskrit. One of the nine Navagraha, it indicates wealth, pleasure and reproduction; Shukra is the son of Bhrigu and Ushana, and is the guru of the Asuras.

Venusians are beautiful, attractive and slender body, pretty face, bright complexion, pleasing personality, elevated nose, long arms, full shoulders, fully developed chest, round and full thighs, and medium height.

Venus is the second most beneficial planet after Jupiter. Venus provides all worldly pleasures and comforts. It symbolizes good luck, beauty, elegance and grace. It is fond of makeup, delicious food, expensive clothes and ornaments. It is hospitable and takes good care of its friends, guests, and dependents. Venusians know how to love, socialize, sympathize, enjoy the progress of others, do justice, treat everybody appropriately, repent their mistakes, look for the comforts of others, etc. They are free of envy and jealousy, liberal, generous, diplomatic, lover of music, art, poetry, always desiring social gatherings, music concerts and dance floors.

A weak Venus however leads preoccupation with sense gratification.If Mars aspects or occupies the same house with as Venus, the person remains totally engrossed in sensual and worldly pleasures. He falls in love too many times. If Venus is weak creates unpleasant marital relationship and indicates possible ill health for spouse. Aspect from Saturn points to delayed marriage

Venus represents Ministers, Secretaries of States, Rich and prosperous people, Generous people, Young and beautiful woman, Attractive people, Learned, Knowledgeable and Helpful people, Womanizers, Businessmen who deal in women’s garments, Artists, Sculptors, Poets, Elephant owners, Auto-dealers, Sex, Fertility, Semen, Honor, Prestige, Worldly pleasures, Pleasurable pursuits, Articles of fun and enjoyment, Interest in Social Gatherings, Hospitality , Delicate nature, Soft nature, Art, Poetry, Statues, Kindness, Compassion, Helpfulness, Socialization, Justice, Music concerts, Musical instruments, Dance arenas, Silk-worms, Silken Clothes, White Clothes, Perfumes, Scents, fragrances, Sandal-wood, Scented sticks, Flowers, Lotus flower, Garland of flowers, Cosmetics, Ornaments, Jewelry, Sweets, soft food, People with Sweet-Tooth, Diamonds, Pearls, Clean and beautiful house.

Venus is the starting mahadasha for those born in Bharani,Poorvaphalguni and Poorvashadha janma nakshatra in Vimshottari mahadasha.

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