Indian Astrology, RJD 2009 Elections Horoscope

Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) is a natioanl political party of India. Laloo Yadav, the present Railway Minister created and has led this party since its inception. It is a political party with base primarily in north-east among Yadavs and Muslims and is expected to play an important role in upcoming 2009 Indian elections.

RJD was formed on 7th July 2005 by Laloo Yadav. In the absence of exact time, we consider the midday horoscope. The corresponding planetary positions and Vimshottari mahadasha details are listed here. Moon is in Cancer with Venus, the 11th lord from it and Mercury, the 3rd Lord. Jupiter is in 7th from moon where as Saturn and Mars are in opposition. The party is currently in the last phase of sade sati. From September 2009, with Saturn’s entry in Virgo, there will be a major change in fortune of the party for the better. We expect better days ahead for this party after the elections.



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