Indian Astrology, Trinamool Congress 2009 Elections Horoscope

Trinamool Congress (Mamata Congress)  is a political party in India led by Mamata  Banerjee. Founded in 1997, it consisted largely of defectors from the  Congress in Bengal. The Trinamool Congress and the Congress — the two major Opposition parties in West Bengal — have decided to fight the Left Front together in the coming 2009 Lok Sabha elections.

The Trinoomal Congress was founded on 23 December 1997. In the absence of exact time, we consider the midday horoscope. The corresponding planetary positions and Vimshottari mahadasha details are listed here. Moon is in Virgo Hasta nakshatra. Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in 5th house from Moon in Capricorn.Saturn is in opposition to Moon and  Rahu mahadasha is the currently running which is in 12th from Moon. Transit Saturn denotes sade sati and will be passing to moon sign after September 9th, 2009. If this horoscope is correct, Trinamool Congress will face an uphill task in the present election though with some success. 



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