Indian Astrology, Women Power in 2009 Elections

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, BSP chief Mayawati, AIADMK head  Jayalalitha, and Trinamul Congress leader Mamata Banerjee are the four women powerhouses in 2009 Indian Elections. They will decide who rules India after the elections;  whether Maya, Jaya, Mamata  or Sonia. It may not be a year of Manmohan, Advani, Lalu, Pawar,  Narendra Modi, Mulayam or Deve Gowda.

The 2009 new year planetary positions ( 1st Jan. 2009 00.00hrs at Delhi) has Venus and Moon together in Aquarius which is also the 10th house of in the natal chart of India. Venus is also the ascendant lord and mahadasha lord of India.  Tenth house domination by feminine planets, more so by Venus (aspected directly by Saturn), is strongly suggestive of a woman Prime Minister of India. In our upcoming blogs, we will be analyzing the Vedic horoscope of each of these leaders.

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