Vedic Astrology, Varun Gandhi and Saturn Mars Opposition

Varun Gandhi, son of Sanjay and Maneka Gandhi and a heir of NehruIndira Gandhi family, was arrested and jailed on 28th of March, 2009. On 22 March 2009, the Election Commission condemned Varun Gandhi in the case related to his ‘hate speech’ during an election rally in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. The Election Commission asked the BJP not to nominate him as a candidate for the 2009 General Elections. However, BJP has refused to accept the commission’s advice. We examine the role of Saturn-Mars opposition this political event.

Vedic astrology provides a glimpse of the planetary combinations behind the scene. Varun Gandhi was born on March 13th, 1980 in New Delhi, India. Reports suggest his birth time to be around 10:02 PM. A Vedic Horoscope cast based on this time shows  the  combination of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter in Leo which is in opposition to combination of sun, Mercury, Ketu in Aquarius. Moon being in Capricorn, this nexus of six planets are in second-eight house to Moon Rashi. Saturn is in Rashi Sandhi of Leo-Virgo, also in the eighth house from moon. He currently runs last phase of Rahu Mahadasha/Mars Antaradasha.

 On the arrest day of Varun Gandhi, the planetary positions at noon in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh exhibit  the Transit Mars opposition Transit Saturn along the same Aquarius-Leo axis in second-eighth house from natal moon. Transit Rahu close to natal moon.

 The opposition between Mars and Saturn always indicates conflict between desires and sense of responsibility. There is intense aggressiveness alternating with denial, inaction and in this case, because of natal planetary combinations  it lead to imprisonment.

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