Political Astrology and Election Predictions

Political Astrology deals with politics, the politicians, the government,  laws governing a particular nation, state, or city. It is a branch of mundane astrology. There can be several approaches to the subject. The popular one is examining the  horoscope of a nation created from the known time of its founding similar to the birth time of a person.  This national horoscope can be analyzed in terms of the  potential and the impacts of transiting planets  at any given time.  This is the traditional and most popular approach. In the current age of democracy, political leaders are elected by the citizens and so the approach need be different.
Voters are interested in knowing about the astrological predictions about the candidates as they go to the polls.. Recent US Presidential elections give us a feel for this tremendous worldwide interest in terms of widely read articles on Obama Astrology, Obama-Biden Astrology, Palin Astrology, McCain Astrology, McCain-Palin Astrology. One of the difficulties behind correct predictions has been verifying the accuracy of available birth details of the candidates.

In view of upcoming general elections in India, the World’s largest democracy, we launch this new column to analyze the horoscopes of political candidates and their political fortunes. We will also like to carry similar analysis of elections in other countries in future  (We have had occasional articles on Israel, South Africa, Japan, etc..) . We like to invite the political election candidates to send their birth details (date, time and birth place) for analysis. So that we have no confusion about the accuracy of available birth data.

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