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Indian Lok Sabha Poll Dates are announced. India will go to polls from April 16, 2009 to May 13, 2009. Counting of votes will be done on May 16 and the 15th Lok Sabha of Indian Parliament will be constituted by June 2, 2009. DecisionCare aims to encourage Voters to use astrological predictions about the candidates as they go to the polls, as has been the recent trend in US elections. In our recent blog on Political Astrology and Election Predictions we launched a new column to analyze the horoscopes of political candidates and their political fortunes, so that voters can benefit from online astrology tools.

As our goal to promote astrology, we invite the political election candidates to get their horoscopes analyzed by DecisionCare and be provided to the voters. DecisionCare will provide this horoscope analysis free as long as the birth details (date, time and birth place) come from the candidates directly (use contact form). This is to avoid confusion about the accuracy of available birth data. We urge all voter readers to pass this information to political candidates participating in Indian elections.

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