Childlessness, Infertility, IVF and Astrology

Infertility or childlessness is a common condition affecting approximately 10%-15% of couples. Infertility brings great heartbreak to many people. Many expect children as part of their life plan. However, when they fail to satisfy this plan according to their desire, intense frustrations arise. The couples turn to an astrologer or medical option for advice.

The medical option has many advanced techniques which can be administered. They are expensive, can have significant health effects on the couple and do not guarantee desired results. It is always worthwhile to seek advise from an astrologer.

What can astrology do to help with fertility? Vedic astrology can help see the life path. Usually fertility problems are clear in the horoscopes of the couple when analyzed together. The possible causes of infertility can be analyzed. When to undertake an infertility treatment for successful outcome can be pinpointed from dasa and transit of planets, for example, a favorable Jupiter’s transit over the significators. We advise all couples seeking infertility treatment to consult an astrologer for the success potential and timing of this treatment before it begins.

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