Jupiter Transit 2013

Jupiter in 2013 stays in Taurus (sidereal) till 1st June 2013. Its influence on twelve zodiac signs till that date are briefly described.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Aries

It is going to be a very pleasant time for you. Jupiter is posited in your second house and is all set to direct its positivity on you. You will get many opportunities to flaunt your creativity and musical talent in front of the outer world. It is also possible that you will be achieving some new milestones in term of your musical talent which will bring great happiness in your way. The best part of this time is that you will enjoy yourself. You will love everything about you and will allow people to show their affection too. You are a person of your words and will maintain the dignity of your principles in all walks of life throughout the year. Apart from perfect execution of your talent you will also be great at your workplace and social events. You might also welcome happiness in the form of the arrival of a new member in the family.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Taurus

The position of the Jupiter for the sign Taurus is the 1st house. You are going to outshine all your enemies with the help of your charming personality. It is time for you to grow your inner side too in accordance with your outlook. Your delayed work or a degree that was kept on hold by destiny is coming your way. Be confident and accept all the transformations that you are going through. Explore your spiritual and philosophical side to let your abilities invite success in true sense. Getting involved in spiritual activities will also lead you to peace of mind and all your personal needs will also be fulfilled. Happiness from all ground is being gifted to you by this time. Promotion in job or success in business will keep you happy for long. You will also be developing an optimistic approach towards life.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Gemini

The position for the Jupiter in Gemini is the 12th house. It is better for you people to take all work seriously otherwise you may have to face let downs in future. Yes, this period of time is indicating sufferings and sadness, but you will also learn to look at the brighter side. Don’t let your positive side die and be very strong at your workplace. Even your health might upset you. You are going to lose in many things that you will pursue but some gains are also foreseen through foreign sources. As this time period is not very good, even your family atmosphere will suffer. Stay alert as your enemies are seeking some ways of letting you down and unfortunately they might even get such ways.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Cancer

Jupiter is situated in 11th house in cancer. It is a positive period for you indeed. You will be fortunate in almost all the things you do. People will look forward to you and will realize your worth. It’s time for you to enjoy the limelight. You are also going to be fortunate in terms of your personal relations. Being the centre of attraction will become common trend for you this year. You will also be experiencing some very memorable moments. This time is getting a lot for you to cherish. Your children are also going to add beauty in your life. You will be focusing on meditating your mind in the search of truth about life.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Leo

The Jupiter is placed in the 10th house of the Leo. The overall perspective of this period seems very fruitful. Your life is finally going to take that turn for which you were craving since long. You will be very thankful for this extraordinary change in your life. Growth in every sphere of your life can be expected. You are going to deal with people smartly and will also maintain good partnerships in both the personal and professional life. Sweetness in the relationships at home will be better than ever. Keep your eyes open and be alert as many opportunities related to communication might knock your door. You might also travel around many places for your work.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Virgo

The place of Jupiter in Virgo is the 9th house. Get ready to manage your things your way as this time period is assigning you all the authority. It will prove to be a very good time as far as your income is concerned. If you need to consider new sources or connections of income so better go for the foreign sources. Foreign connections are going to serve you the income that you deserve. You have got all the authority and power to turn your life in your way. By the end of this period you will establish yourself in a new higher position. You are going to get support from everywhere including your family. You might invest your time and money both into religious and spiritual activities.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Libra

Jupiter for libra is in the 8th house. Staying alert and careful is recommended for you. This time period is going to be a little complex. Try to balance your life and stop over indulging at your workplace. You are going to face some failures due to which you will be very disappointed. It is not the wise time to make any big investment as you won’t be able to make right choices. It is possible that your friends might not be there in need but your courage will prove to be your biggest asset. You will also go through continuous decrement in your health. You will be affected by some diseases easily during this period of time. Even your family might disagree with you on some major issues.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Scorpio

The position of the Jupiter in Scorpio is the 7th house. You are being granted with higher level of energy. This energy is nothing but the outcome of your own hard work towards your physical fitness. It is possible that you are going to participate in some sort of sport which will bring fame and people closer to you. Leadership is your key quality and there are chances that you will be given opportunities to enhance this quality of yours. You will gain respect among everyone though your continuous efforts. Your family and life partner will keep on supporting you all the way. This is a time to enjoy and you will live this time to its fullest.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Sagittarius

Jupiter is situated in the 6th house of Sagittarius. This time has got nothing positive to offer you. You will face failures and will lose your confidence in you. Avoid taking risks as much as possible as nothing is going to turn in your favor. Your opponents will be highly active and will not let a single opportunity go in which they can harm you in any possible way. You might also get involved in some fights with your family or relatives. There are also chances that you may involve yourself in jobs where you won’t be awarded for anything. The time period doesn’t seem good even from the front of health. Women may suffer from menstrual problem, so take care of that. Definitely, it is not a good period for you.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Capricorn

The position of Jupiter for Capricorn is 5th house. It is a very nice time to be thankful for. This time period is not only good for you but it will bring happiness for your complete family. You are going to enjoy your time personally and professionally. It is the time to develop your inner self. Your dedication towards your work at your workplace will be noticed by the people in authority. They are going to reward you wherever possible. You are going to learn a lot from this time. Your individual growth is foreseen for you which will lead you to mental satisfaction. You might organize a religious event at your home. Developing your communication skills will prove to be very beneficial.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Aquarius

Jupiter in Aquarius is situated in the 4th house. You have always been a good learner and this time will provide you more opportunities to learn and grow. You are not only going to learn but also will seek wisdom. You are going to experience extreme emotions and feel highly attached to your family and friends. Following the ideals of our family, you are going to attract many blessings of people around you. During this time you are going to give priority to your personal relationships over the professional ones. But even then you will do fairly well at your workplace that will be praised by the higher officials. The changes in your life will affect you deeply in a positive way. Your reputation among the people will increase with time that you are going to enjoy a lot.

Jupiter Transit 2013 for Pisces

The 3rd house is the position of the Jupiter for Pisces. Buckle up your belt and get ready to experience a major transformation in your personality. The change will mainly be related to the inner beauty of you. You get easily influenced by the people. Therefore, it can be said that this transformation is the call of the people who wishes well for you. You are inclining more towards your material needs, and this time is offering you enough chances to fulfill those needs. You might also get fame during this time, as you will be recognized by some higher government official. Socializing will remain a big part of your routine and your nature will get you many compliments from everyone. Health might be an issue during this time.

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