Marriage Astrology

Marriage Astrology involves marriage counselling. At every step, a vedic astrologer can provide valuable guidance to the love match. The three major stages that relate to any marriage are

  • Pre-marriage Counselling including checking Marriage Compatibility, Kuja dosha (Mangal dosha) determination, love marriage prospect, marriage delays, Timing of marriage and selection of auspicious time for marriage (muhurta).
  • Post-marriage Counselling including mutual adjustability of the soul mates, childbirth, family bliss, divorce and extra-marital affairs.
  • End of marriage Counselling involving remarriage and widowhood.
Vedic Astrology discusses horoscope planetary combinations, dasha/mahadasha timing systems and marriage compatibility matching s underlying marriage counselling for all these stages so that each and everyone can understand and accept the bliss and complexities of their individual married life.

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