Porutham for Marriage

Porutham is an essential for marriage compatibility determination in traditional Indian astrology. There are ten poruthams: 1. Dhina portham,
2. Gana porutham, 3. Mahendra porutham, 4. Sthree Dheerkam, 5. Yoni porutham, 6. Rasi porutham, 7. Rasi adhipathi porutham, 8. Vasiya porutham, 9. Rajju porutham, 10. Vethai porutham.

We have discussed extensively on the subject of marriage compatibility essentials in our marriage by astrology free e-book These Porutham go by different names as part of Kuta matching but are essential in any serious Jyotish (jothidam, josiyam, astrology) consideration. Here we list all the different types of compatibility considerations used in Indian astrology based on Raasi, nakshatra (nakshtra, nakshatram) or jathakam.

  1. Nadi Kuta
  2. Rasi Kuta
  3. Gana Kuta
  4. Graha Maitri
  5. Yoni Kuta
  6. Dina Kuta
  7. Vasya Kuta
  8. Varna Kuta
  9. Mahendra Kuta
  10. Stri Deergha
  11. Rajju Kuta
  12. Vedha
  13. Gotra Kuta
  14. Yonyanukulya
  15. Bhuta Kuta
  16. Vayanukulya
  17. Ashtakavarga
  18. Chittanukulya
  19. Aya vyaya
  20. Rna Dhana

Many of these Poruthams are automatically included in a careful analysis of both birth charts (Janampatri, horoscopes) of bride and groom by a Vedic astrologer. These matching promise a happy and peaceful life for the love match as soul mates. For details, see our affordable contributions.

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