Marriage Compatibility Decisions and Astrology

Marriage decisions often involves questions about psycho-physical compatibility, possible marital discord and longevity of marriage, its timing, nature of spouse and other details. The questions are so complex that most of them are hardly worked out before any marriage . However, every couple to be married believes that most of these questions are resolved in the positive and a few, which are not, can be settled later amicably. If the couples didn’t believe so, perhaps the institution of marriage would have ceased to exist long ago. Vedic astrological texts provide guidelines to analyze answers to these complex questions from the horoscopes (birth charts) of the would-be couple and warn of the appropriateness of the decision in terms of long-term happiness. Decision about marriage date can also be made based on mahadasa-dasa planetary timing methods of Vedic astrology.

We at DecisionCare aim to take the “future marital unhappiness

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