John Edwards, Extramarital Affairs and Astrology

Extramarital affairs of political leaders make the media headlines from time to time, the most recent one being that of the former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. Does a horoscope show or indicate extra marital affairs or flirtatious propensities? The answer is yes. While there may be many reasons behind ranging from psychological to financial, from the astrological point of view, the following planets and houses deserve special attention. According to Vedic astrology, the primary driver for extra marital relationships is Venus and its association with Mars and Rahu. In addition, presence of a weak Jupiter prevents conscience bite. The fifth house is the primary indicator of affairs denoting love, romance, scandals while a strong seventh standing for marriage promises no extra marital affairs. The eighth house strength determines the nature and extent of extramarital affairs.

With the timing schemes of Indian astrology using dasa and transits, one can precisely predict the potential and duration of extramarital affairs. So next time in doubt, get the horoscope of the person checked, whether it be that of a political leader, sports or media celebrity or a friend.

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