Marriage Compatibility

Marriage compatibility, its need and importance, were discussed on our last post. Here we will briefly outline the rules governing marriage compatibility tests in Vedic Astrology.

According to Indian Astrology, there are twelve factors in the horoscopes of the love match to be considered in order to judge the marriage compatibility: 1. Dina, 2. Gana, 3. Mahendra, 4. Stree-Deergham, 5. Yoni, 6. Rasi, 7. Rasyadhipathi, 8. Vasya, 9. Rajju, 10. Vedha, 11. Varna, and 12. Nadi. These factors are based on the constellations (nakshatras), and janma rasis of the would be love match.

After these twelve kutas (physiological and psychological centers) are matched, the position of Venus and Mars in both horoscopes should be analyzed specially for identifying kuja (mangalik) dosha. In addition, the general strength of both the horoscopes and the placement of the malefics in relation to seventh house and seventh house lord should be examined. The selection of time of marriage should also be carefully carried out to avoid the inauspicious muhurta.

We believe the future marital unhappiness of marriage decisions can be taken out as much as possible for all persons around the globe by carrying out a diligent marriage compability matching and selection of marriage time.

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