Marriage Festivities During Wedding Day (Marriage Help)

Barat Nikasi (?????? and ??? ???????)

The groom, often known as an “Anubhav Raj” leaves for the wedding venue riding a decorated horse or elephant. This is a very colorful and grand ceremony. The groom is dressed in a sherwani (long jacket) and ‘churidars’ (fitted trousers). On his head he wears a ‘safa’ (turban) with a ‘kalgi’ (brooch) pinned onto it.

Before he departs, his relatives apply the ceremonial ’tilak’ on his forehead and his sister feeds the horse or elephant sweetened grain. The baraat is headed by the dancing of the congregated folks. Accompanied by the rhythm of the north Indian dholak the baraat reaches the place of the wedding.

Upon arriving at the venue of the wedding, the groom is welcomed by a welcome song. This is called

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