Marriage Rituals and Festivals (Marriage Help)

Conducted at homes of the parents of the bride and the groom.

Engagement (??????? and ???????????)

A decision made by the parents in front of the community memebers to have the marriage, sometimes using a document.

Barni Bandhwana

Approximately 15 days prior to the actual wedding, on an auspicious day, the pandit will perform a puja to Lord Ganesh (the remover of obstacles). During this puja, a piece of mauli (thread) is tied to the hands of the groom, and his parents. This puja is done to make a humble request to Lord Ganesh that the wedding happen without any problems, beside the occasional mishap e.g. tripping over. After that day, the family performs a puja to Lord Ganesh every day until after the wedding is complete. ****


The mayara is an important ceremony, common to both the bride and the groom

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