Mars Dosha, Kuja Dosha or Mangalik Exceptions

Mars or Mangal Dosha, Kuja Dosha, also known as Mangalik is often identified by by the presence of Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from  Lagna (Ascendant), Moon or Venus in the birth chart. It ruins the harmony in the marriage.Since Mars (Mangala grah) produces Mangala Dosha in six houses, it is apparent that a large number of people may be Manglik. Of these, some will be severely Mangalika or Mangleek. However, there are many beneficial planetary combinations, which can completely nullify the negative effect of Mangala Dosh . Here we provide a list of these Vedic Astrology planetary combinations which remove Mangal dosha:

1. Should Mars occupy the 4th, or the 7th identical with Aries, Cancer, Scorpio or Capri­corn, Kuja Dosha does not arise. It is a benefic position.

2. Should Mars occupy the 1st, the 2nd, the 4th, the 7th, the 8th or the 12th but is conjoined with the Moon, Jupiter or Mercury, the dosha does not arise. When aspected by them, one should not think of harm.

3. Mars may be in any of the above houses from Lagna, the Moon or Venus but if he is in Aries or Scorpio, own sign, no dosha arises.

4. Mars in a Venusian sign cannot do harm If he is in the 4th or the 7th.

5. Mars in a sign of Mercury, Virgo or Gemini, in the 2nd house will have its evil warded off.

6. Mars has no dosha in the house owned by the Sun, the Moon and Saturn, these are,  Leo, Cancer and Capricorn.

7. Evil results cannot operate if the sign occupied by Mars is ruled by Jupiter and happens to be the 8th.

8. If Mars is in a moveable sign, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, there is no dosha.

9. In Jataka Chandrika, a Vedic astrology text, it is stated that Mars in Cancer and Capricorn removes Mangal Dosha.

10. There is no Kuja Dosha if Mars is weak, aspected by or in conjunction with a benefic, devoid of luster on account of combustion or defeat in a planetary war, retrogression and debilitation.

11. Mars has no dosha if he occupies Cancer or Leo irrespective of what house it is.

12. Mars does not do any harm if in Aries or Scorpio in the 2nd house, Taurus or Libra in the 4th, Virgo or Capricorn in the 8th, Virgo, Gemini or Taurus or Libra in the 12th house, and in Aries or Scorpio in the 4th Bhava.

13. No Mangal Dosha if Mars is placed in Ashwini, Makha and Moola constellations.

14. There is no Kuja Dosha if Mars is in Aries for Pisces Lagna or Capricorn for Sagittarius Lagna in any of the above houses.

15. No Mangal Dosha if Mars is in  Cancer for Aries or Aquarius for Scorpio Ascendants.

16. No dosha if Mars in the 7th for those whose Ascendant lord is Saturn.

17. No Mars dosha also known as Angaraka dosha if Mars is in the 8th for those whose Lagna lord is Venus (for Cancer and Leo Lagnas).

18. No Mars dosha if Mars occupies the 2nd house ruled by Mer­cury.

19. No Mars dosha if  Mars in the 4th house ruled by himself (own sign).

20. No Mars dosha If Mars is in the 12th owned by Venus.

21. No Mars dosha if Mars is in Leo or Aquarius.

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